Are You Driving on a Spare Tire? Not if Kimmes Oil has anything to do about it!

Tire replacement, repair and balancing services in Superior, Wisconsin

If you need a new set of tires in Superior, Wisconsin, visit Kimmes Oil. We are a full-service tire shop – rely on us for replacement, installation, repair and balancing services. Don’t go another mile with worn or punctured tires. We carry new tires from Carlisle, Dunlop, Goodyear and Kelly. Visit Kimmes Oil for new tires and tire repair in Superior, Wisconsin today.

3 signs you need new tires

3 signs you need new tires

There are a few easy ways to determine when you need new tires. Schedule an appointment for new tires at our Superior, WI auto shop when you notice:

  1. Vibration: If your stereo is turned off and you still feel vibration, it’s probably due to your tires.
  2. Tread wear: The penny test is a good way to check the tread on your tires.
  3. Bulges and cracks: Look closely at your tires and see if there are any gouges, bulges or cracks.

Our qualified technicians will address any of your tire problems. Whether you ran over a nail or your tread’s running low, you can trust Kimmes Oil to offer an affordable solution to your tire woes.