Find Your Balance at Kimmes Oil

Car alignment services in Superior, WI

Potholes and curbs can knock your wheels out of alignment. You could notice anything from small changes in your tire tread to dramatic changes in your car’s handling. If something feels “off” during your drive, don’t ignore it. Kimmes Oil can inspect your wheel alignment and balance your vehicle.

Signs you need a vehicle alignment

Signs you need a vehicle alignment

Our technicians will use top-quality machinery to test your alignment in Superior, Wisconsin. If your wheels and axles are out of sync, we’ll get them back in balance. Here are a few signs your wheels are out of balance:

  1. Your vehicle is pulling to the left or right.
  2. Your steering wheel is off-center
  3. You’re noticing uneven tire tread.

We’ll look at the inward and outward angles of your tires. Contact Kimmes Oil as soon as possible when something feels off. We’ll get your vehicle back in alignment.